I always felt I was born to be an artist…

… At 14, I held my first solo exhibition and revelled in that world of creative sensibilities and sensitivities. But after my painter uncle died young and suddenly, my mother was terrified of having another artist in the family. I chose a ‘normal’ life.

Married young. Became a mother. Spent 14 years as the director of marketing at a business school. But I craved honesty and freedom in all things. In 2019 I quit my job to become a full-time, self-taught painter.

Within a year, I held three solo shows. In a lovely synchronicity, one was at the gallery in Poland which gave me my start as a teenage artist 30 years earlier.

Long story short, but in the early days of my second career I met one of Poland’s post-impressionist landscape masters Anfons Kulakowski. He was 92. He became my creative mentor. When I first showed him my work—water colours back then—and shared my story, Anfons gave two pieces of advice.


”Eveyone has a piece of gold in their heart. Daria, yours is that you have to paint. If you don’t, the piece of gold will harden while trying to shine and will bother you until the end of your day.”


Don’t be so reckless when you eat porridge. When you eat porridge, taste it, smell it, think while eating how it nourishes you. This is the concept of fullness. When you focus on something and activate all your senses, it will bring something good.”

Both pieces of advice taught me to be authentic, to take off masks, honour talent and joy and desire, and to befriend solitude to free up space for reflection and allow your senses time to be quiet, calm and creative.

I paint mostly women of a certain age. I think there’s a lot in life about transformation, moments where you dream of something and don’t feel a sense of belonging. My art goes through that whole process. It mirrors what I’m experiencing. 

So sometimes it’s about bold dreams and going forward and achieving. Sometimes it’s more about being in the here and now and just dealing with the washing. It’s always a reflection of my life. Vulnerability, excitement, possibility, normality, all meshed together.




12.2023 – 01.2024 Through the Kitchen Door, The Henry Jones Art Hotel, Hobart, TAS, Australia

09. 2023 Disconnections, Madeline Gordon Gallery, Launceston, TAS, Australia

01-02.2023 Po Drugiej Stronie Lustra, Wolskie Centrum Kultury, Warsaw, Poland

07.2022 The Other Side of the Mirror, Gallery Pejean, Launceston, TAS, Australia

05.2021 The Body of Art, Ko-bel Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

11.2019 Multicolour, SPAF Gallery, Warsaw Old Square, Poland

12.2019 The Shape of Soul, KCK Gallery, Kostrzyn, Poland

12.2019 Watercolors with a Touch of Gold, Frey Wille Boutique, Warsaw, Poland


01.2024 Summer Show, Poimena Gallery, Launceston, TAS, Australia

05.2023 Director’s Choise, Gallery Pejean, Launceston, TAS, Australia

12.2022 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Gallery Pejean, Launceston, TAS, Australia

07-08.2022 The Butterfly Effect, Poimena Gallery, Launceston, TAS, Australia

02-04.2022 Landscapes 2022, Gallery Pejean, Launceston, TAS, Australia

12.2021-01.2022 Summer Showcase, Gallery Pejean, Launceston, TAS, Australia

07.2020 Let Us Speak / Art for Action, Turbo Gallery, Pomonal, VIC, Australia