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23.09.2019 /Warsaw

…when asked about my inspirations…

When, in a comment of one of my pieces, someone referred to Szancer, I had this insight: a little girl with Andersen’s Tales in her hand, reverently drawn on every page, enchanted and bewitched. Before i could even read those pictures told me beautiful tales. So did reproductions of Wyspiański’s work on the walls at which I stared for hours before falling asleep.

These were my first childhood fascinations. Then there were more. Albums with paintings from my parents’ library. Hypnotizing Dali and thrilling Podkowiński, Picasso’s intriguing Dora Maar and Mehoffer’s magical dragonflies in his Strange Garden. Each one of these worlds drew me, tempted me and woke my imagination in its own way. Until new worlds arose. Teenage worlds. When I first saw Siudmak’s surreal worlds in Fantastyka. For him I kept buying new issues, and I couldn’t grasp his limitless imagination and realistic brush stroke.

My first love brought me into Klimt’s arms. I still get chills when I remember his paintings which always remind me my first ecstasies. Then, finally, came Kandinsky. His dynamic, aggressive compositions and vibrating colors, so strong, almost unsettling, hand-in-hand with Bulhakov, and some punk-rock in the background.

So many masters. Unreal, out of reach. Whom I could only imagine, and whose work I could only see in albums and museums. Alfons Kulakowski. A master, whom I have been experiencing through his art and companionship. Who encloses a fragment of his soul in each one of his paintings, a soul that is beautiful and colorful. And smart, as smart as an artist can get.

We soak it in. Throughout our lives we soak in all that we experience. Painting, music, literature. What’s outside the window and beneath our feet. And finally, the people, each with their own cosmos, individual palettes, emotions and secrets.

With the uniqueness enclosed in every hand shake and every glance. They inspire me the most. And that’s what my work is all about. In my paintings I include everything that my head soaked in throughout my life. And my soul.

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