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23.09.2019 /Warsaw

…when asked about my inspirations…

I am a professional painter specialising in oil and watercolour. I am fascinated by people and the world that surrounds me. I believe this shows in my artworks.


There is a different story in each of my paintings, with a variety of emotions, hidden messages and whimsical symbols. When it comes to my oils I use vibrant colours and reach textures that can only be achieved by using this medium. I love to paint on huge canvases which gives me freedom of expression and makes my paintings even more powerful. I like to create my paintings from the very beginning. I use custom made frames, stretching and priming the canvas by myself. I always paint on linen, using the best quality paints that will not change colour over time.


A few more words about myself.

Painting has been my biggest passion since I was a child although I have spent most of my professional life working at a university. My passion, this piece of gold in my heart, was pinching me all the time and after a successful 16-year business career, I decided to abandon my previous life and fallow my passion.

Since then I have painted over one hundred watercolours and dozens of oil paintings. I have had three individual exhibitions – two in Polish art galleries, and one conducted in cooperation with the prestigious Austrian FreyWille Boutique.

In January 2020 I moved from Poland to Australia to join my Tasmanian husband. My current studio is located in Launceston where I live, love and find my new inspirations. The majority of my paintings are sent to many countries abroad (my customers come from Poland, Netherlands, China, US, Vietnam). I believe that you will love them and that some of my new paintings will find thier homes here, in Australia, where my new home is.




Solo Exhibition, Warsaw (Poland), Frey Wille Boutique


Solo Exhibition, Kostrzyn (Poland), KCK Gallery


Solo Exhibition, Warsaw Old Square (Poland), SPAF Gallery

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